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AI against Fraud & Financial Crime

Lynx was born to lead the fight against fraud and financial crime through advanced AI technologies, continuous innovation, and deep industry expertise.

High scalability

36.000Bn tx/yr

Very low response time 

25 ms

Users  protected




80% detection




Low false

positive rate

High Accuracy 

Eye to eye

The most advanced AI-based Fraud and Financial Crime platform on the market with self learning capabilities.

We are Lynx

We are an AI-driven software company specializing in detecting and predicting behavioral patterns. Led by industry experts and academics, we develop and implement cutting-edge AI. Our platform is available both on-premise and on the cloud.

We prioritize VISION, AGILITY, and SPEED to provide outstanding customer experiences and have built long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with some of the top financial institutions, fintechs, and commercial enterprises worldwide.

Our game-changing platform

Explore our Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering solutions.

Fraud Prevention

Our expert AI solution to detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud across all channels.

Anti-Money Laundering

Our advanced AML solution provides transaction screening, monitoring, case management, adverse media capabilities in order to mitigate money laundering activities.


Long lasting client-relationships with top financial institutions, fintechs, and commercial enterprises worldwide


Over 300 million people protected daily across the globe by Lynx technology


3 billion transactions processed in real time every month

We are leading with continuous innovation, outstanding customer experience, and operational excellence

Our guiding values

Continuous innovation sees us through the future:
Technology is at the core of our vision, driving us to constantly search, learn, evolve, and continuously innovate in order to lead the way.

Exceptional customer commitment:
Our pursuit of excellence is never-ending, as we seek to continuously enhance our offerings and provide exceptional customer experiences. We approach every challenge with curiosity and determination, believing that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Agile & ready to act:
Our extensive experience in AI technology for Fraud and Financial Crime spans over two decades, providing us with the in-depth knowledge and expertise that distinguishes us in the industry. Our solutions empower customers to cut costs and achieve faster time to value.

Transparency & integrity, doing the right thing:
We remain grounded in our beliefs, always embracing our humanity and keeping our minds open to new ideas and perspectives. Our unwavering loyalty to our customers drives us to always do what is right.


May the Lynx
be with you

Protecting individuals, companies, and financial institutions from fraudulent activities.