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Market leading Artificial Intelligence to predict, detect, and prevent fraud across all channels.

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Lynx Product

Lynx Fraud Prevention

Fact Sheet Fraud Prevention

“We’re not just pioneers in artificial intelligence. We’re actually building intelligent, daily adaptive models that allow us to predict, detect and prevent fraud and financial crime. Currently, our fraud prevention solution safeguards over 66 billion transactions annually for more than 300 million consumers globally.

Explore How Lynx's Daily Adaptive Models Enhance Fraud Detection and Prevention

Unlocking the Future of Fraud Prevention: A Deep Dive into Lynx's Intelligent Solutions

Product Features

Our AI is cutting edge and automatically learns out of the box. We give you the most accurate scores now and in future, covering all attacks to significantly drive down fraud and reduce operational costs.

Behavioural Monitoring

We continuously learn behaviours of customers and beneficiaries

Stop Fraud

Skimming, phishing, collusion, scams, bots, malware, replay, insider and more…

Most accurate scores

We outperform the competition and catch more fraud thanks to our daily adaptive models

Comprehensive Protection

Cover all your channels: card, ecommerce, online banking and acquiring

Real-time Monitoring

Lightning fast decisions at scale 25ms with 1500 TPS

Support and maintenance

Our customers love our support and have for 20+ years!

Daily Adaptive Models (DAM) outperform the competition

Our Daily Adaptive Models (DAM) ensure our predictions automatically learn from your customers and attackers. We outperform the competition today and in the future, without the need for data scientists to retrain models as they’re drift resistant.

Real time decisioning made simple

The more data you send to our Machine Learning models the more we learn about customers, behaviours, transactions, beneficiaries and devices.


Device fingerprinting and interaction analysis ready solution


We learns from all information relating to a card be that card present or card not present


Ingest any transaction type be that retail, corporate, trade card present, not present of eBanking


Our proprietary algorithms learn every customers transactional behavior


We know where your users and customers are and easily identify the point of compromise


We understand the beneficiary behaviours for your financial institution


We understand the behaviour of merchants and the risk of customers in the merchant and the risk the merchant represents to the acquirer

Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Decisions

Understand how we deliver real time lightning fast scores to your interactions and transactions to identify fraud and enable seamless low risk transactions to flow through


Interact and Transact

The Financial Institution (FI) sends the data of their customer interacting from any device, be that web, mobile, card present or card not present


Behaviour and Context

Lynx enriches the data using our proprietary lightening fast in-memory databases to understand behaviour, risk and context around the event ultimately calculating features in real time


AI Score

Our proprietary algorithms calculate a score for the user based on their historical behaviour and related entities


Advanced Decisioning

Our advanced decision engine recommends a decision and generates an alert based on the score and risk posture which is sent to the FI


Stop Fraud

High risk interactions/transactions are stopped and flagged for review. All of this is realized in 15ms


Continuous Fraud Feedback

Find and label fraud, enabling our models to continually learn about fraud and customer behaviour

Self Learning Models understand customer behaviour

Our self learning real time machine learning models understand customer behavior now and in the future. We accurately identify atypical transactions and interactions and flag them in real time to you. We drive down fraud, reduce positives and operational costs. We have millisecond response times and the most accurate predictions.

Technical Specifications

Techies we’ve got you covered

Available on-premise or in cloud

AWS cloud and on premise

Built by security experts

Secure solution that’s PCI-DSS compliant

Data agnostic interface

We can ingest any data and are ISO20022, ISO8583 schema ready

Integrate seamlessly

Self publishing API’s allow you to start sending the data you want with the click of a button

Machine Learning Algorithms

Proprietary Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms

Multi Channel

Protect the organisation and customers in whatever the channel

No Data Scientists Needed

Our Daily Adaptive Models tune themselves without uplift or Data Scientists

In-memory Database

Our proprietary in-memory database outperforms the competition with zero license fee

Data Visualisation

Using Kibana and Elastic you get a one customer view

Security Certifications and Standards

PCI-DSS Compliant

PCI-DSS compliant ensuring the security of card and transaction data

ISO 20022 Ready

Lynx products are ready for ISO 20022, which is a single standardisation approach to be used by all financial standards initiatives

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