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Lynx processes nearly every card payment in Spain in real-time, safeguarding 15 billion transactions annually (at the peak that’s 2400 transactions per second). Globally, Lynx processes 58 billion payments and transactions annually, leveraging the most advanced AI for fraud prevention in the past two decades. Trusted by Top financial institutions across the world, Lynx significantly reduces fraud and operational costs.

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About Lynx

AI against Fraud & Financial Crime
Our solutions have cutting edge AI to detect fraud and money laundering in real-time. We automatically learn so you can too.

Our beginning

Lynx is a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) for fraud and financial crime prevention, developed 20 years ago by leading experts in academia and industry. For two decades, Lynx has leveraged its expertise in AI to deliver fraud prevention at unmatched levels of accuracy, speed and scalability to multinational financial institutions (FI) and payment providers around the globe.

Our products

Through its two product offerings - Lynx Fraud Prevention and Lynx AML - Lynx provides a comprehensive AI-led solution set to preventing fraud and financial crime. Lynx Fraud Prevention and Lynx AML were designed to solve its clients’ largest challenges - increasing fraud attacks, evolving sanctions risks, rising operational costs, and insurmountable amounts of data. Lynx is dedicated to helping its clients move from a reactive to a proactive response by harnessing the power of AI to illuminate risk and deliver actionable insights.


Online fraud is the fastest-growing fraud in the UK, with over £1.2 billion stolen in 2022, equivalent to £2,230 a minute. Generative AI’s automation capacities empower perpetrators the ability to scale their efforts, enhancing the efficacy of fraud attempts. The global Fraud Detection and Prevention Market size is projected to grow from USD 27.7 billion in 2023 to USD 66.6 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 19.1%. due to surging fraud. In 2023, fraud scams and bank fraud schemes totaled $485.6B in projected losses globally.

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